Slippery Rock-Con

Slippery Rock Con is a three day charity convention featuring:

Role Playing Games such as D&D Adventurer’s League, Pathfinder Society, Shadowrun Missions, Green Ronin events, & more – see our event schedule for full details
Miniature Wargames like Warhammer 40K, Hordes, historical battles, and more
Board & Card Games (a library of games are available to play)
LARP Events such as COSVampire (using Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP rules) and more
Reasonably priced and filling on site food & drinks to snack on
Charity Raffle with all proceeds benefitting the Slippery Rock Community Library
Friendship & Fun!
By attending, purchasing on-site food or drinks, or participating in the charity raffle, you are helping provide necessary funding for the Slippery Rock Community Library.

Thank you for your generosity. It is our goal that you have an excellent time at our little convention!


Sibcon Gaming Convention & Expo
SIBCON is our annual Fall 3-day gaming convention and expo. As always we need your help to make it a success, so join us at our new home at the Vagabonds Hall in Butler, PA!