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Tabletop Gaming Guild is devoted to supporting local tabletop gaming communities. We strive to help promote and support local gaming events and stores, and have a podcast to provide discussions about this great hobby. It is our belief that tabletop games can help bring people together and create a shared sense of community.


Tabletop Gaming Guild Show


Tabletop Gaming Guild is all about the memories and experiences that playing games with friends and family can create. To celebrate these experiences we produce video reviews, unboxing, playthroughs, and how to videos for tabletop games. It is our belief that tabletop games can help bring people together and create a shared sense of community.


Tabletop Gaming Guild Hosts

James WilsonJames Wilson

I am the proud co-founder of Tabletop Gaming Guild and a tabletop gaming enthusiast. My goal is to promote Tabletop Games with community focused events and discussions. It is my belief that tabletop games are a great way to break down cultural and social barriers and help promote the formation of a strong community.

Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson aka “ergophobe”

The creative media side and co-founder of Tabletop Gaming Guild with a background in media. Previously worked as a producer, director, video editor, technician, and occasionally an actor for various Singapore based TV companies.

As a relative new comer to the hobby I was quickly adsorbed by it. Encouraged by James Wilson and a desire to justify my ever growing collection of games; I joined as a founding member of Tabletop Gaming Guild. No seriously I don’t have a problem I can stop buying games whenever I choose to…

A proud member of Tabletop Gaming guild and Co-host of Tabletop Gaming Guild podcast


Dan RegewitzDan Regewitz

I cut my teeth on hobby gaming when I started to explore RPGs, including D&D when I was about 12. Then sometime in high school I was introduced to Magic: The Gathering by a friend. During the off-season of school, and later college I attended a summer camp where I was part of a gaming department. I ran card games, RPGs, and a smattering of minis for kids ages 7-17.

In November of 2008 I became a tournament organizer for Wizards Play Network and started to work for New Dimension Comics shortly after. I certified as a Magic: The Gathering Judge in late ’09, and was successfully promoted to Lv2 in Sept of 2015.

My discovery and growing fandom for the board game hobby started in 2011 or thereabouts. My first play logged on BGG was Ticket to Ride in Late 2012. Gaming has been and will continue to be a neccessary and exciting part of my professional and personal life.


Peter Bess
Peter Bess

Having only recently begun playing and collecting board games as a hobby Peter is the noob of our group. His main passion in gaming is playing TTRPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and For the Dungeon. By day, he is a mild-mannered librarian; by night, he is just mild-mannered.Favorite Board Game: Betrayal at House on the Hill.


Evan Johnson

My Name is Evan Johnson and I’m a miniature collector, painter, and player. I have a strong passion for history and a fascination with replaying historical battles in miniature scale. Board games is also a big hobby as it is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

John Edmund

A board gamer for a long time, this gamer’s humble beginnings started with Hi Ho Cherry-o before progressing to HeroQuest, Battlemasters, and Chess in his childhood. In his high school years, John Edmund got back into the tabletop gaming hobby with Magic: The Gathering during the Ice Age expansion and into roleplaying with GURPS 3rd edition.
After high school, when not doing boring IT work, could be found at home and the local gaming store DMing D&D, playing Magic, and sometimes stepping in to run rounds of FNM or behind the counter to run register (only twice ROD!) at his friend’s store. Later on found himself running board games with an old roommate at the local coffee shop. Then founded a gaming guild where he was the treasurer. The group rented out space for over a year for the members to game in as well as hosting a couple of LAN parties. Eventually John Edmund moved away to Pittsburgh for a new job retiring from those activities.
Now a days, John Edmund visits conventions like PAX Unplugged, Origins, and PAX East and local gaming days as he can. He is trying to keep his board game collection from outgrowing the space he has to store it. Currently, not very successful at that.

Kim Johnson

I’ve been playing board games my whole life, but it was when I met my husband almost ten years ago that I learned about the world of games that go beyond the traditional big-box stores. I love games that focus on word play, books and literature, and one of my other favorite topic: cats.

I also enjoy introducing my students to the RPG world, and I try to DM a rule-light one-shot game at least once a year for them.

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