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About Us

Tabletop Gaming Guild is devoted to supporting local tabletop gaming communities. We strive to help promote and support local gaming events and stores, and have a podcast to provide discussions about this great hobby. It is our belief that tabletop games can help bring people together and create a shared sense of community.

Our Community Board Game Library

The goal of the community board game project is to create a library of diverse games that can allow local or small cons to have a board game library available for free that they may not be able to afford otherwise. This is our first major project to help small community friendly cons and libraries. The game library will be made available to local game conventions and community friendly gaming events free of charge and no charge to borrow games during those events. The entire library has been added to Tabletop Gamin Guild Board Game Geek account to make it easier for people to view.  Board Game Geek Community Game Library Collection Link Thank you to all who have donated to the Community Board Game Library, this could not be possible without your support!

About Our Tabletop Gaming Guild Show 

Tabletop Gaming Guild Show is all about the experiences and memories that playing tabletop games with friends and family can create. We talk about our experiences in the board game hobby and game playthroughs.

Donation Info

Donations will be used to reimburse the costs of maintaining Tabletop Gaming guild. This can include equipment, software, hosting, producing, and community events. These are all recurring expenses that we pay out of pocket. Please feel free to give any amount. All donations help us provide our content free to the public and run free community events – Thank you!