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Princeps Games Interview

Our interview with Vukašin Nišavić from Princeps Games on their upcoming Kickstarter Game March on the Drina!

Princeps Games Website:

What is an Organized Tabletop Roleplaying Game?

By Jason Neigh

Most people are familiar with tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) and especially with the internationally published Dungeons & Dragons from  Wizards of the Coast or  Pathfinder from Paizo; there are home groups of friends playing ongoing campaigns of various RPGs around the world all the time.  However, fewer people are aware that some publishers have organized playgroups, for example:  D&D Adventurers League and the Pathfinder Society. Events for these groups exist in game stores, libraries, colleges, conventions, and even some home games are operated through them.

In the simplest terms, an organized play group forms to allow many players a simple way to play continuing characters together at any open group adventure.  This is most common at gaming conventions because it is where their structure is most efficient. Pre-written adventures from the organization are designed to be self-contained and played in about 4 hours with the characters not expected to stay together at the conclusion. 

Intro to Role Playing Games

On the video we talk about getting started in Role Playing Games. 

Other Links and Info

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My Top Five Favorite Card Games

By P. A. Wilson

Recently, I created a list of my top ten favorite board games, and I thought, why not one for card games? In general, I enjoy board games more than card games, but these five I enjoy every time they make it to the table.

Here is my list, and why each made the top five:

My Top Ten Favorite Board Games

By P. A. Wilson

Since I became a board gamer, I have played dozens of board games with my family and friends. As someone who follows the board gaming community, I noticed the popularity of top ten lists and decided to share my own. Here it is:

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