Review of Here to Slay

by Peter Bess

Here to Slay is the newest game from Unstable Games, the makers of Unstable Unicorns, Llamas Unleashed, and more. In this 2-6 player game, you are working on putting together the baddest party of heroes around, and slaying monsters. There are two ways to win. Be the first player to have at least one of each of the six different types of heroes (Fighter, Wizard, Guardian, etc.) in your party, or be the first to slay three of the fifteen monsters in the game.

Here to Slay fits right in with the rest of the titles in Unstable Games’ library. There is tons of cute animal art, and a lot of “Take That” action. It is easy to see how they have taken Unstable Unicorns and placed a layer of Dungeons & Dragons and other similar role-playing games over it. In Unicorns you have your “Stable;” in Here to Slay you have your “Party.” In both games this is the location on the table where you play your cards that will eventually bring you victory. In both games there are ways to halt other players in their tracks; in Unicorns it is the “Neigh” card, in Here to Slay it is the “Challenge” card. And just as your unicorns each have a power associated with them, your heroes in Here to Slay bring their own special skills to your crew.

The largest difference for me between Here to Slay and Unstable Games’ other titles is the introduction of dice rolling. Yes, here they introduce more luck into the game. For some players this is where you get off the train because of a preference for strategy over luck and that is an understandable position. I believe it is an attempt to bring in more of the RPG feel to the game, and I love it. I enjoy the tension that rises when I have a plan, but it hinges on the roll I am about to make.

The game at a lower player count can finish rather quickly; sometimes only 10-15 minutes for a session. At a higher player count, 4-6, the game can last an hour. This is a pretty big swing, but again, not a deterrent for me.

The other thing I like is that as I played and enjoyed the game as is, I also began to think of variants I would like to try out. Foremost being a “Monster Slayer” variant where we play until all monsters have been slain and highest kill count wins.

As always, no one game is for everyone, but if you enjoy RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and others this may be a card game for you and your crew to play in between sessions or campaigns. If you like Unstable Games’ other titles, I would think you would also enjoy Here to Slay. And for a fairly inexpensive cost I think it is worth your time to check it out.