Elderwood Academy’s Hex Chest and Mini Hex Chest Dice Boxes

Elderwood Academy’s Hex Chest and Mini Hex Chest Dice Boxes are two beautiful ways to carry and display your dice when playing any tabletop roleplaying game.

The boxes are held shut by two pairs of strong neodymium magnets. Trust me, the lids on these boxes are not going anywhere unless you want them to. I have personally been using the Mini Hex Chest with the metal keychain loop for a couple of years now. I have dropped my keys more times than I would like to admit and the lid has never come off. The box and the keychain loop have weathered the treatment exceptionally well. The loop has never come loose, and the wooden box has barely a scratch.

When ordering your box you have over fifteen different art engraving options with which to make your box stand out. There is Yggdrasil, the world tree of Norse Mythology; a Spellcircle for the spellcasters out there; a Sword, Axe, and Shield for the warriors, and many more.

Both chests also have the option of coming with an open interior to fit more dice or a beehive interior which fits seven dice each with its own slot. My personal preference is the beehive design. I like each die to have its own little home. They both also have a foam piece on the lid to help keep your dice from making too much noise (let’s save that for when they roll across your table or down a dice tower.)

The big difference between the Hex Chest and the Mini Hex Chest is that the Mini comes with a set of seven miniature dice. (They are so wee!) So if you are in the market for more dice and a cool way to carry them, here’s a two for the price of one deal.

Overall, each of these dice chests are great products that I believe any lover of dice would be glad to own. If you’re interested and want to take a closer look head on over to www.elderwoodacademy.com and check them out, as well as all of Elderwood Academy’s other great tabletop gaming accessories.