Elderwood Academy’s Codex Dice Tower

Elderwood Academy’s Codex Dice Tower is the dice tower that keeps on giving. My first thought upon looking at it was that it was beautiful, but once I began to interact with it I quickly realized the utility built in. This was not just any dice tower.

In addition to being able to roll your dice down a well crafted wooden tower you can also use it to carry your dice to and from games. The tower is built with a lid firmly held in place by strong magnets. The base is also held on by the same strong magnets, but it also twists. When the base is twisted into the closed position and the lid is on you have a beautiful carrier for your dice. Once you are seated at the table and you are ready to play, simply twist the base into the open position and your dice will freely fall out.

But the utility of this tower does not stop there. The ladder inside the tower is removable. Once removed there is plenty of space for an inventive Game Master to hide all sorts of goodies for their players, such as maps to buried treasure or letters from long dead wizards. The possibilities are endless. Your gorgeous dice tower/dice carrier has now become a fantastic prop in your game. Your players will always remember the time their characters found the long lost treasure map, and you presented them with this physical letter in this pretty casing.

Elderwood Academy has simply knocked it out of the park with this item. I know I will be using it for years to come and in all sorts of fun ways. If you’re interested and want to take a closer look head on over to www.elderwoodacademy.com and check it out, as well as all of Elderwood Academy’s other great tabletop gaming accessories.