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By P. A. Wilson Recently, I created a list of my top ten favorite board games, and I thought, why not one for card games? In general, I enjoy board games more than card games, but these five I enjoy every time they make it to the table. Here is
By P. A. Wilson Since I became a board gamer, I have played dozens of board games with my family and friends. As someone who follows the board gaming community, I noticed the popularity of top ten lists and decided to share my own. Here it is: #10 Agricola Agricola
by Peter Bess I recently, like so many other people, found myself working from home. My day job is as a librarian at Butler Area Public Library, and I love that each day I get to help others. Some people visit the library to find their next book to read,

May 14, 2020

Our Top 10

This is a list of our vary favorite top 10 games as of 2020. A full review of our top ten is available on the podcast player on this page.  James Wilson: 10 Scythe 9   Dead of Winter  8   Wingspan  7   Twilight Imperium 4    6   Blood Rage    5 

May 14, 2020

PGH Con Online!

  PGH Con is a new tabletop game convention in the Greater Pittsburgh metro area. We were planning for our inaugural event this summer, but a global pandemic changed that! Still, we thought this was a great opportunity to use this momentum to shift online for our first gathering.  
The Butler Area Library Game Day will be hosted online due to the issues that the Corona Virus has presented. That means that you do not have to live in Butler now to participate in this fun community friendly event! The event will still be held on July 18th starting at
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