GM Ron What is Asunder? That’s what I wondered when I was asked to review this exciting new RPG. I hope to provide you with a sense of the game and setting so that you can decide if this is the right game for your table. If you are
By Peter Bess So yeah…I just played the Call of Cthulhu, 7th edition RPG by Chaosium for the first time and it was great! My history with RPGs has mostly been limited to playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, with a couple of one-shots in other systems like For the
GM Ron When James asked if I’d be interested in reviewing Mansions of Madness for Call of Cthulhu, I was a bit hesitant at first. I’ve been involved with role-playing games for over 40 years as both a player and a game master, but didn’t have much experience with this
By P.A. Wilson Rating: 8.58 out of 10 stars   Intro What I hope to accomplish with my board game review is to introduce you to a new game and help you determine whether the game is a good fit for you. I will consider and rank five criteria: gameplay,

July 25, 2020

Card Game Review: Coup

Rank: 6.2 out of 10 The card game Coup was first introduced to me by my cousin Elyse while my family and I were on vacation in New Hampshire. I thought I would not like it because I am not skilled at bluffing. However, since first playing it, Coup has
Our interview with Vukašin Nišavić from Princeps Games on their upcoming Kickstarter Game March on the Drina! Princeps Games Website:

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