Elderwood Academy’s Codex Dice Tower is the dice tower that keeps on giving. My first thought upon looking at it was that it was beautiful, but once I began to interact with it I quickly realized the utility built in. This was not just any dice tower. In addition to
Elderwood Academy’s Hex Chest and Mini Hex Chest Dice Boxes are two beautiful ways to carry and display your dice when playing any tabletop roleplaying game. The boxes are held shut by two pairs of strong neodymium magnets. Trust me, the lids on these boxes are not going anywhere unless
Elderwood Academy’s Spellbook Game Box is a fantastic accessory for anyone who loves playing tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Alien, or any other of the myriad of wonderful games out there. As you can see in the pictures attached to this post, the box

January 1, 2021

Review of getCrewd game

  by Peter Bess getCrewd is a thematic 3 – 8 player card game. Each player takes on the role of a film producer with the goal of putting together a seven person crew (hand of cards) to make their movie. Play begins with each player randomly receiving a “Budget”

November 21, 2020

Review of Here to Slay

by Peter Bess Here to Slay is the newest game from Unstable Games, the makers of Unstable Unicorns, Llamas Unleashed, and more. In this 2-6 player game, you are working on putting together the baddest party of heroes around, and slaying monsters. There are two ways to win. Be the
By Peter Bess Roleplay gamers, it’s time to get excited, a new game is on the horizon! Tuesday, November 17th is the Kickstarter launch for Asunder: A Dark Fantasy RPG from Failed Superheroes Club. You can visit here to request a notification when the campaign launches You can also