A First Look at the Savage World of Asunder!


GM Ron

What is Asunder? That’s what I wondered when I was asked to review this exciting new RPG. I hope to provide you with a sense of the game and setting so that you can decide if this is the right game for your table. If you are a fan of TSR’s Dark Sun setting, I think you would enjoy this game.

Asunder is set in a savage fantastical world with no gods, no metal, chaos and not magic, and varied types of humans. Humanity on this world were created by the gods with a part of their essence. The gods left the world, sundering it and ripping away the metal as they departed. The humans they left behind were unable to continue without the gods’ essence and bound themselves to various parts of the world’s essence to survive.

Humanity changed from bonding with different parts of the world. Some developed amazing fighting abilities, some the ability to bond with beasts, others developed fantastical powers of gravity manipulation or mutations to adapt to the environment.
The player characters, Seekers, question why the gods left, why the metal was removed, and explore the hidden corners of the world for answers. The game master, the Keeper, holds the answers to those riddles and unveils them through game play.
The actual product is beautiful. High quality artwork graces the pages, full of colorful action scenes. Rules for the game were different than other games that I have played, but the learning curve was reasonable. Players are given ample choices for character paths and development.

The game is still not released but the QuickStart I received did not include pre-generated characters or an introductory adventure. The character sheets are very pretty but I wasn’t sure if the art and design used will interfere with playability. I think both of these would have been beneficial to review example of actual game play.

My overall impression is that the world conjured images of a blend of Dark Sun, Conan, and Pirates of Dark Water settings. If you want to adventure in a savage and brutal game world then Asunder might be the game for you.

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